Frequently Asked Questions


  • Can I have more than one keypad in my home?

Convenience is always nice when it comes to arming and disarming your alarm. An additional keypad is an option, and it can be placed in any location in your home. The additional keypad is a wireless option, so you are able to carry it with you or you can have it mounted permanently. A secondary location for a keypad might be located in a master bedroom or a common area. When it comes to mounting or placing the keypad it’s completely up to you, the customer.

  • Is there effective security for my electric garage door?

The garage door can be tricky when alarming. A door contact can be added to the garage door, so if it’s opened it will have the same capabilities as a regular door when alarming. With current technologies and the options available now, we can offer you a solution for you to control your garage door with the use of your smart phone and or computer. Adding one of our products to your current garage door opener, you will be able to open and close it from anywhere with an internet connection. With older garage door openers you might not have this capability, but with most of the newer openers you shouldn’t have a problem.

  • Can I access my surveillance remotely?

Accessing your cameras or your surveillance remotely depends on a couple of things. In order to access your DVR remotely you need internet to the DVR and also a phone that will support the application to access the DVR, whether it’s on your smart phone or your computer. If you have everything necessary to get your DVR on the internet we shouldn’t have any problem giving you the capability to view your cameras from any remote location.

  • Can I control my alarms with my smartphone or tablet? Can I have more than one device to arm and dis-arm my alarms? Can I receive a text or email if my alarm has been tripped?

Your smartphone and/or tablet can be your best friend when it comes to controlling your alarm. Your phone and/or tablet gives you full access to your alarm. With up to minute notifications, arming, disarming, viewing video and or pictures can be done from the palm of your hand. The notifications can be beneficial, they let you know when someone arms and disarms or if you are having an emergency. Image sensors take pictures when its motion is tripped and you have the capability of viewing those pictures, or you can take a still image at any time to see what’s going on in your home or business. When it comes to full automation of your home or business, you will be able to control every aspect of your alarm with the use of your smartphone and/or tablet.

  • Do you offer bio-metric systems?

Bio-metric refers to the use of fingerprints or your hand. We do offer different options for bio-metric readers. There is a stand-alone lock available that allows you to have multiple users but doesn’t have audit trail capabilities. Audit trail is referring to keeping logs of who has used the lock at certain times. If you are wanting to get into an access control system allowing you to use bio-metrics but also have an audit trail capability, we can build you a system to fit your needs.

  • How much data can my surveillance system store?

A surveillance system can vary on storage sizes. Depending on the type of system you are wanting to install, we can get the correct amount of storage to fit your needs. When it comes to an analog camera system, not as much storage is needed to fit your needs. On an analog system 500GB will be more than plenty to suit most people’s needs. Stepping up to a HD Camera system, depending on the amount of cameras, you are looking at Terabytes of data for your DVR. Most people like to store up to two weeks worth of data. Depending on what you are looking for we can suit your needs.

  • Are there power backups for my systems in case of electrical outages?

Electrical outages are always on the back of anyone’s mind when it comes to installing access control, an alarm, or cameras. Many different options are available when it comes to a battery backup for your system. Many of the systems available now will come with a backup, but not all do. Many times it will be an option and will be discussed with you the customer.

  • Does a security system reduce my homeowners insurance?

From what we hear an alarm can reduce your homeowner’s insurance. We don’t want to say yes or no to this question because that is something you will have to discuss with your insurance agent. Most of the time we hear from our customers that their rate is reduced, but it’s a discussion you need to have with your agent.

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