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Because you’re here you’ve taken the first important step towards securing your home, family, and business. We offer an entire suite of quality products from JAQX Protection. A name you can trust with your most precious belongings.

As you can see from our video above today’s security systems are very user-friendly.

Let’s look a little further into the security services we offer here at Loving Security.

smoke detector and heat sensor Smoke Detectors and Heat Sensors
Residential and commercial protection begins at the root level and while this form of protection is typically the most affordable it is often overlooked.

Today’s sensors are not the product that many of you grew up with that merely hangs on the wall and consumes batteries. In the world of JAQX you will find the heat and smoke sensors have evolved to not only sense the growing threat but also alert you and the local authorities quickly. With around the clock monitoring services you never have to leave your home or business un-protected.

broken glass alarm Broken Glass Alarm
It’s a proven statistic that criminals seek out entry weakness points to access your home.

Glass. In it’s most basic form can be an open invite to a burglar. Most homes and businesses do not apply shatter resistant glass and with nothing more than a solid strike your security can be compromised. We can help protect your residential and commercial properties by installing the superior protection of JAQX glass breaking alarms.

The technique is basic. The alarm is constantly in contact with your window. The moment the sensor detects glass movement and breakage the alarm is triggered which emits a loud audio alarm sure to attract attention and deter burglars.

door sensor alarm Door Sensors
Your door is often an entry point for burglars. Securing the door can be done using several techniques but the simple method is the very capable and cost-effective door alarm from JAQX protection systems.

A door lock alarm utilizes contact points to create a positive position between the contacts. When the door is opened the contact is broken and the alarm is triggered and begins to emit an audio alert meant to attract attention and force the intruder from the premises.

simon-alarm Simon XT Keypad
You got a glimpse of the impressive Simon XT Keypad in our video.

JAQX put the power of user-friendly keypad interface at the tip of your fingers with the Simon XT keypad where a simple touch of the screen can arm and dis-arm your security system. The system also utilizes voice response and an entire host of protection options. The Simon XT also allows complete integration with your wireless and mobile devices allowing you to control the system with devices you’re already familiar with via a simple app.

Simon XT Simon XT
The Simon XT is a full featured security system

The XT is a complete wireless system providing numerous layers of protection and security which is suited perfectly to any residential space or multi-room premises. The XT is a premier product right from the box allowing customization including a voice dialer most commonly found on more expensive systems.

If you’re interested in any of these products we are qualified to install any combination of these systems and available for consultation to create the perfect balance of security for your home or buisiness. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Roswell area: 575.622.6334 | Carlsbad area: 575.200.6797
Your Complete Locksmith Service

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