Surveillance For Your Business

finance-108655_640 Surveillance:
Securing a business requires professional planning and experience. The many aspects of surveillance begin with deterring the common employee to actually documenting those bolder employees acting in a manner that may harm your business.

Liability is a big issue. Properly placed surveillance cameras both inside and outside of your business provide an electronic history of events that can be utilized during investigations. Often larger businesses will employ a security hot spot or control room where an observer can track an employee or patron from the parking lot throughout the entire premises. Regardless of your business requirements we have the experience to install your surveillance system.

With nearly every business comes the need to trust employees with the repsonsibility of access whether that requires keys or keypad codes. Security systems can notify you when someone enters or leaves the premises. During this process an identifying employee code or password will be entered along with the current timestamp and date. This allows for quick and easy monitoring of suspicious activity via text or email alerts. Having complete control of your business whether you are there or not can give you peace of mind.

Loving Security can provide a detailed security and surveillance survey to expose your business weaknesses and vulnerabilities. We will work with you and your budget to provide a complete package of surveillance and security.

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